Leather Armchair

ArmchairWelcome to our website. Here you will find suppliers of the classic black leather armchair as well as information and articles relating to leather armchairs young and old. For example, we have articles on brown leather armchairs, the sultry red, or the more modern white, for your reading pleasure. Most people will agree – having a comfortable leather armchair to relax in at the end of a hard day’s work is extremely important to a healthy lifestyle. Just imagine having to sit in a hard wooden chair as you try to watch the television. Ouch! Without a soft leather armchair, whether it be a red variety, white, or indeed black, there is a higher risk of a host of back problems, which may require treatment from a doctor or chiropractor.

So, what types of leather armchairs are available?


The black leather chair is a classic, timeless armchair whose popularity shows no signs of waning. Beyond its antique origins, there are new variations of black leather armchairs known as “recliners”, coming from the Latin reclinare, which means “lean back”. Such recliners enable the user to gently melt away into the chair after a hard day’s work. Curved arms and stylish lines are the norm, accommodating the contours of the human body in order to maximise comfort and pleasure. Operation with such chairs is quite simple, just lean back and the chair will recline, allowing the footrest to come up at the same time. To restore the chair to its original upright position, just lean forward and push feet on the footrest. Most modern black leather armchairs, whether regular or recliners, have foam and/or fibre filled cushions and boast warranties from anywhere between 6 to 24 months.


The Brown leather armchair is also a classic, timeless variety, and like the black variety, brown leather armchairs are also available in contemporary or traditional styles. Particularly popular in the mediterranean, brown leather armchairs are typically filled with foam and fibre mixed fillings, and many of the contemporary brown leather armchairs require self-assembly upon delivery. With average weights of 50 Kg, brown leather armchairs are a sturdy alternative to the classic black.


The red leather armchair is a more sultry alternative to the brown and black variations. Its use in nightclubs, bars, clubhouses and sometimes waiting rooms and offices, the red leather chair has increased in popularity in recent years, however the red armchair has always been popular in antiquity, for example in the victorian era. Like the black variety, the red is now available in a more modern recliner format, enabling you to experience the aesthetics of antiquity as well as the functionality of the present day.


The white leather armchair is easily the most modern variation of leather armchair featured on our site. Just as the red, the white leather chair is often used in bars, nightclubs and offices, but they give a more “clean” feel to the ambience, as opposed to dark and sultry of the red or black. As such, the white leather chair might be preferred for sleek waiting rooms or offices of modern skyscrapers.